Saturday, April 20

More Leveled Reader Activities

I created more A to Z and leveled reader activities this week for my guided reading groups. Please download them if you can use them.

Font: Rowdy in Room 300
E--Get That Mouse Out Now!

(A to Z book) H--Anna and the Dancing Goose

K--Malawi, Keeper of the Trees

L--Beanpole Billy

L--Table for Two

Happy Saturday!

Monday, April 15

Cause and Effect

Our current strategy focus is on cause and effect. Here are some activities we are doing this week to practice:
Match the cause.

Match the effect.

Match the cause or effect.

Find them HERE.
Font: Rowdy in Room 300

Sunday, April 14

Contraction Counting

We had 2 weeks of contractions in our Spelling and word study time. This is one of the activities the kids completed. They used our weekly story and searched for contractions. They graphed how many times they saw each word. Then, they broke the contractions into their 2 pieces. Hope you can use it too!

Find it HERE.
Font: Rowdy in Room 300

Friday, April 5

More Leveled Reader Activities

I made some more activities to go with the A to Z readers my kids read this week. I might have learned just as much as the kids this week, from our animal books. If these activities are useful to you, please download them from my Google Drive FREE.

I love to share. I know most people love to receive. Enjoy!

The font is from Rowdy in Room 300 and the frog/toad graphics are from My Cute Graphics.