Friday, May 31

Chart Paper Holder

My summer has been very productive so far. I hope it can continue!

Today I made a PVC chart holder to hold my chart paper and/or anchor charts.

I bought four 5' PVC pieces, six elbow joints, four tee joints, and black spray paint made for plastic at Menards.

The whole project cost about $13 and took about an hour to complete. It's a little over 2 feet wide and almost 4 feet tall.

It's as simple as measure, mark, and cut your PVC pieces to the size necessary. Push them together with the joint pieces using all your strength (and weight). Lay out your plastic. Spray your paint. Easy peasy.

Thursday, May 30

New Shelves

New shelves for the classroom are finished!

The color isn't exactly what I wanted, but it was the cheapest option and hopefully they will look all right when I deliver them to my classroom in 2-3 days after the paint has set.

I originally wanted a black semi-gloss, but this ended up being a gray satin. The paint almost looks like it has a hint of brown or purple in it. Like I said, hopefully they look ok in my classroom.

I designed the shelves and bought the wood. Hubby cut and built the shelves. With paint, wood, etc., the shelves cost about $55.

Monday, May 27

Our Last Days

We kept pretty busy our last days of school.

We wrote "thank you" letters.

We finished our plant research paperback books we were writing.

We finished our memory books.

We made marshmallow poppers out of plastic cups and balloons and played with them.

We made play dough and played with it.

We did a {mild} elephant toothpaste experiment. Next year, we'll step it up!

Friday, May 17

End of Year How-To

I read THIS POST and decided I would like to make a "How To Be a Second Grader" writing activity for my almost-third graders. We'll practice writing a complete sentence for each set of lines. We'll also practice using sequencing words like First, Next, Then, and Last.

Font: Rowdy in Room 300

Grab a copy, if you like.
Happy Friday!

Monday, May 6

Window Garden and Sale

Guess what's happening at TPT?!

I'll also be holding my very FIRST sale on TPT this week. Monday, May 6 - Thursday, May 9 in honor of all of us hard-working teachers. It's so exciting!

Today we planted our indoor window garden, a little later than I normally do it, but perfect timing for an end-of-the-year project. Tomatoes, watermelons, carrots, beans, and sunflowers. We are also incorporating an experiment into our plant study this year. The baggies hanging on the window are the kids' same plants without soil. We're going to see if soil is really a necessity for plants. That's our variable. Everything else, water, sunlight, location, temperature, will all stay constant.

To keep track of our plants, I use THIS TPT PRODUCT by From the Pond...
Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 4

Story Charts

I love using story charts in my classroom, so this week I'm sharing some of the story charts I use throughout the year. Enjoy! Have a happy Saturday!

Find all 5 story charts HERE.
Font: Rowdy in Room 300