Wednesday, April 30

My First Giveaway!!!

Well, friends, this must be some sort of record for me. This is my 3rd post in 5 days.
I know. I know. I gasped a little too!

Actually, I wanted to share some pretty amazing news.

First, you need to understand my personality. My nature is quiet and reserved. I tend to absorb and react inwardly. I take things in and process. I'm not outgoing. I don't tend to lead conversations. I don't seek the lime light. In fact, being around adults makes me anxious, and the more of them there are, the more anxious I am. That's what makes this amazing news... to me!

I hit my first social media milestone... on Instagram!
I'm just beyond... WOW!
Thank you!

Thank you so much for finding me slightly interesting. I haven't tried nearly hard enough to gain masses of followers, which makes this all the more amazing.

To celebrate, I decided to have my first giveaway!
Yay! I'm so excited to give someone some teacher love.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please enter my giveaway! I'm secretly worried my first giveaway will be a flop...

Maybe I need advice to make my next giveaway better. Please share, if you have an idea. I do plan to have giveaways in the future when I eventually hit other social media milestones.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!
I know I will... it's SPLASH day at the YMCA.

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Monday, April 28

3 Things on a Monday

First, I'm super excited about my blog design and button changes. Love its simplicity. I can't thank Megan enough for those videos she's posted about DIY blog designing. Check out her blog, please!

Second, sub planning is the w-o-r-s-t. There's SO MUCH that goes into being gone and having someone else (who is unfamiliar with your routines and kids) fill your shoes. I try to be as thorough as possible in my plans and label everything. (Today's sub plans were 4 pages long.)

There's also all the other prep too...

Making sure the lunch count and mailbox stuff is set up.

Making sure MTSS (RTI) groupings are up to date and stuff is ready to go.

Cleaning off my desk (as much as possible) for the sub. (Yikes! I just need a clean-off-my-desk day. That's definitely an area where I can improve.)

It all takes hours (for me, anyway) to get ready for a sub. (I was thinking today that I need to create a checklist for myself because I always worry that I've forgotten something.)

Third, do you participate in Jameson's monthly SLANT boxes? I just sent my April one today to Lacey at The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher. I'm super excited for her to receive her box later this week. If you are planning on participating in the May SLANT box, I was at Target the other day and saw something you might be interested in.

Part of the May theme is using monograms. I saw this basket of monograming letters either in the thank you/invitation card aisle or one of the party aisles. I can't remember. I was super excited to see that basket, though, knowing I was going to need get my monogram on in the next month. Yay, Target!

Hope you have a great rest of the week!
Friday, we have field trip #1. Stay tuned for details,
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Friday, April 25

...C, D, E, F, G... Countdown

Ok, friends.

I know many teachers participate in some sort of countdown to summer. I am not a big fan of number countdowns because I feel like the kids don't need another excuse to act out. My brain doesn't need an excuse to lose any sort of motivation, either. I also don't need to feel any more stress or pressure to get my end of year checklist completed. Can I get an amen?

I am very willing to participate in an ABC countdown of sorts. I made that decision two days late, so we started our alphabet with the letter C. Yes, friends, we threw A and B out the door.


Monday, we ate mini-chocolate cupcakes during centers (leftover from celebrating Mom's birthday last weekend), and the end-of-day read aloud I chose was Chrysanthemum, a classic! Our caterpillars arrived on Monday, too!


Tuesday was less exciting. We had a mini-dance party, and the books of the day were Doreen Cronin's Diary of... books.


Wednesday, we exercised since it was SPLASH day at the local YMCA. After we came back to school we had healthy eating centers sponsored by our lunch food program. The kids learned they are supposed to eat 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of dairy each day. I read from a couple informational Earth books called Every Minute on Earth and Don't Know Much About Planet Earth since Tuesday was Earth Day.

We also did an activity illustrating that Earth is mostly water. We started with a hundred flat (cut from centimeter grid paper). We read about how Earth's water from a mini-book I made for the kids, then subtracted 100 - 71 to find out how much land there is on Earth. After we found out the Earth is 29% land, we colored 29 squares green and 71 squares blue. Then, we cut the squares apart and glued them on a small paper plate to make a globe.


Thursday, we were going to read a favorite book to our fifth grade friends, but they didn't come back from their music program practice in time. Sad face. At the end of the day, I read aloud Franklin Fibs because several of my second friends could learn from Franklin, it seems.


Friday (today), I thought we might play board games for one of our recesses. It didn't happen. I did read a childhood favorite, though, Golly Gump Swallowed a Fly, at the end of the day. The kids made connection to the old woman books.

Have a very lovely weekend, friends!
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Thursday, April 10

Woo, Woo, Explicit Instruction

I have been a little unwell, overwhelmed, and overloaded. 

It's made me irritable and a bit of a negative Nelly. 

Today was EXACTLY what I needed!

I was able to take the day to listen and learn from a GREAT teacher.

Yep, first row! 
Have you gotten to listen to her yet? 

You should jump, leap, fight for the chance to do so.

She's smart! 

She's humorous and engaging!

She's amazing!

I took 8 pages of notes while I was there for the day, 
so I plan on sharing an Anita Archer nugget with you 
each time I blog over the next several weeks. 

Thanks for listening,

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Friday, April 4

Random Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends!

We finished up our adjective unit, so we can move on to verbs.

We planted cosmos for Mother's Day. 
Hopefully all our flowers bloom in time. 
I've never started their Mother's Day flowers from seeds!

We created minions to share with our 5th grade friends. 
We want to wish them good luck on their state assessments later this month.
The minion templates are available in my store, by the way.

Our second and third grade hallway has had some problems with lying this week. 
Isn't it strange how kids will lie about the strangest things?
Especially when they are most likely or obviously the guilty party.

I have no idea how the purple glitter got on the bathroom floor 
{though I'm the only one who brought all the colorful glitter}.

That cologne's not mine 
{though I reek of it because I haven't learned how to put it on yet}.

I did not say anything to my table team about clocks 
{even though the teacher watched me talking while she was talking and 
purposely called on my table seat number because she knew I knew the right answer}.

Hope you've enjoyed another edition of...

Have a GREAT weekend!

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