Sunday, October 26

FREEDOM Galatians 5:1

Two Sundays ago, I loved participating in

I wanted to make sure I shared again what's been on my heart the last two weeks.

In my Tuesday night women's group, we spend a lot of time in prayer, but our host also makes sure we get into the Word, so we can grow and dwell on it through the week.

I missed last Tuesday because of parent teacher conferences (sad face), but a couple of Tuesdays ago, she asked us to decide on a word and to discover a verse that we could pray over our lives, based on our current season and desires of our hearts. Immediately, during the closing prayer that night, FREEDOM popped into my head.

That word has so many meanings to me... burdens and anxieties. Then, I discovered this verse. It happens to be from the NIRV, in case anyone was wondering. (I like checking different versions to see how the wording differs.)

I would invite you to try the same thing and see how God works through it.

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Friday, October 24

Five for Friday: Parent Teacher Conference Week!

Oy! I've enjoyed my day off!

In my district, we have parent teacher conferences Tuesday night and for 12 hours on Thursday. Then, on Friday, because we worked those extra hours on the conference days, we have the day off. Lovely!

Conferences went well this year. Even though I have a trio of stinkers, I have a good group of parents. Yay! Such a blessing!

What a great 3-day week!

We did a little decorating this week... for parent teacher conferences but also for our fall party next Friday. Our first project was a content-related one. First thing after the kids were settled at their tables and we had heard the morning announcements, we created Frankenstein body parts. Then, during the kids' word work center, the kids sorted Halloween nouns and glued the final project together. I hung them around the room immediately after centers were over for a quick transformation. We loved our Frankensteins!


Since we ended our first quarter last week, I handed out some brag tag awards. The kids loved it! This is BY FAR my favorite brag tag I've made to date. Love it! The kids love collecting them, and some of the kids who came to conferences were excited to show and tell their parents about them. 

Our second project was stained glass pumpkins. I printed half a pumpkin shape on a black piece of construction paper. The kids folded their paper in half. They cut around that pumpkin shape. They they cut out the middle part. We put them a piece of contact paper and started laying our tissue paper squares. They turned out great! Kinda look more like round, orangish apples, but that's ok. 

This week during our Wednesday MTSS (RTI) Math groups, we had equation chain races. I broke the kids in my room into two groups. They raced to create as many (human) equation chains they could make. This group won, making 7 chains in 15 minutes, compared to the other group's 6. They did a great job and had a lot of fun counting and creating math facts. 

Today I ran a bunch of errands, including picking up some pumpkins for next Friday's pumpkin math and taking all kinds of random pictures around town for Amanda's Halloween Hunt. Love a day when I can wake up without an alarm, go for a walk around the neighborhood, and take my time running errands...


Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend, friends!

Saturday, October 18

Saturday Shout Outs

Oy! What a week, friends!

We just ended our first quarter this week, so my week has been filled with assessments, grading, numbers, and more numbers. Trust me, I'm not sad it's over. Next week will be a little different. 3 days with kids. Conferences with parents on Tuesday night and all day Thursday. Friday will be heaven... no school!

I'm writing today to share two big things with you.

This week I received my September SLANT box! It received just on time as an end of quarter pick me up. Thank you, Michelle, for the box filled with my favorite things. I love everything! A decorated clipboard, thank you notes, scented expo markers, post-its, a cute little bag, yogurt raisins (my favorite snack), and peanut M&Ms (my favorite candy, which didn't even make it a day, you should know). THANK YOU!!!

If you haven't visited Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom yet, you should. She takes lots of pictures of her classroom and has lots of great ideas.

If you want to know more about SLANT boxes, which happen each month, you should check out Lessons with Coffee. Jameson organizes and pairs teachers up each month. Amazing! I don't know how she does it EVERY month. Thank you, Jameson, for spreading the love and joy each month!

Today, I am featured over at Amanda's blog! It was fun to look back at what I wrote this summer. As far as my goals are concerned... I definitely think I've done better with writing more frequently, at least once a week. I have also taken some steps outside my box, attending a blogger meet up and have made some local blogging friends.

If you haven't stopped by Amanda's blog, you definitely should. She's such an amazing blogger with great ideas to share. Thank you, Amanda, for your kind words and featuring me today!

Today I will not be doing anything school related.
That hasn't happened in a while.
Have a great Saturday!!! 
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Sunday, October 12

Where's My Treasure?

Lately, I have felt very overwhelmed. So much to do. 
It seems like more is piled on before I have the opportunity to take some of my load off. 

I feel a need to simplify. 
Job. Home. Everything. 

This verse has come up several times over the last couple of weeks. 
Where are my priorities? 
What do I give most of my time and energy to? 

These are the things I have been dwelling on and praying about lately.

What's on your heart? 
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Saturday, October 11

Seven on Saturday

I'm late... I know... but I have a terrible cold that's making me so exhausted and, at times, feel miserable, so... yes, I'm late.

I don't exactly have five... and it's not Friday... so here's some highlights from my week.

First of all, this week was antiBullying Awareness Week in Kansas, so our counselor came and talked with us about bullying and read us the story about Spookley, a square pumpkin. (Of course we had to watch the video on Friday.) Wednesday was superhero day. Loved it!

This week we also tried to do some of our end-of-quarter testing. My teammates and I try to help each other out by taking all the second graders for an hour and doing an activity with them so the other teachers can pull students to test them.

One of my teammates planned some Math centers. A group of students sat in a circle and took turns rolling the pumpkin to each other. The receiver answered whatever math equation their thumb landed on. The kids enjoyed it!

Another Math center was practicing doubles. The kids would roll a die and double it. They would place a candy corn on the sum on their paper. Fun, fun, fun!


Thursday was silly sock day. I'm all about that! I wore one sock that matched and one that didn't. I also just so happened to match the character in the book that I read to the second graders...

I taught the lesson on this day. We did a Me on the Map activity. I read them the book and guided them in making the circles. It went well except for the time factor. We ended up very rushed at the end.

We added some more brag tags to our chains. Our music teacher was keeping track of class points for following school/classroom expectations. I don't know about you, but I especially want my kids to be respectful and make the right choices when they're with other adults. My class tied for second place. Yay! So I made them a brag tag because they LOVE adding tags to their chains.

I also tried a pencil experiment this week because I was getting annoyed at sharpening pencils the week before. I also made a "longest pencil" brag tag for the person that ended the week with the longest pencil.

This month our staff has been BOO-ing each other. You receive a special little treat with a note, found here. You put the note on your door or in your window. Then you put together two little treats and BOO two other people. And so the fun continues. Above are my two BOO treats. Little fall containers, candy corn, pencils, and hershey bars wrapped liked mummies. If you want to have some fun at your school, just print this note and share the love.

Have a good weekend, friends!
I'll be resting up and lesson planning. Woo!
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Friday, October 3

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Today we met with our Panther Pals... our fifth grade friends. The friends' teacher planned the activity this time, and it was a GREAT one! 

First she shared this video with us. 

Next, she gave each second grader a piece of blue construction paper. Our fifth grade friends helped us fold the paper "hamburger style" and use a spoon to drop some spots of paint on one side of our paper. 

Then, we folded our paper hamburger style again, squishing the paint in between. We opened up our paper to see what shapes we had made.  

The teacher gave each second grader a paper. At the top it said, "It looked like spilt milk, but it wasn't spilt milk." At the bottom, the fifth graders finished the sentence, "It was just ___." 

We glued our paint creations on the white paper to share with the rest of the group. The kids had a lot of fun working together. I love our Panther Pal time. I think my second graders really love getting to work with the fifth graders too!

(The happy kid faces are from Creative Clips in her School Favorites set.)

I hope you've had a good week, 
but most importantly...
I hope you have a much deserved and restful weekend!
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Thursday, October 2

Currently...with TREATS!

Oy! Time for bed, friends! I was ready a couple hours ago!

I wanted to be sure and pop in for Farley's monthly Currently because I was excited to share some treats with you. What are friends for?!

My husband is nearly out when his head hits the pillow, but I still hear a chuckle every now and then coming from the bedroom, so maybe I'll still beat him to sleep.

I was supposed to bake cookies last night for Custodian Appreciation Day but, of course, I forgot, so I baked them tonight and will take them tomorrow instead. Mint chocolate chip cookies. They'll be just as delicious a day late, right?!

I need sleep! Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

The treats I have for you are all new... {Hopefully} you will be able to click on each picture and download my shared file from Dropbox... crossing my fingers now!

My kiddos (and possibly the other kiddos in my hallway) have struggled to put iPads in the cart correctly, so I took a picture and made a couple signs. Just print, cut apart, and attach to the door of the cart (at least that's what I did).

Tomorrow, my kids will be completing this in their Word Work center. We've been working on identifying and categorizing nouns.

Since we are working on nouns, we will also be rocking out to this song, so I typed up the lyrics. We have a poetry journal where we collect poems and songs. Love it!

All of my TREATS used the phenominal KG Second Chances font and my own Properly Proper font.

Enjoy and have a FABULOUS Friday!!!
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