Friday, March 21

Five for Friday {Spring Break Edition}

Yay! Hooray! I found my way back to share {yes, another} Five for Friday.

And {bonus} it's actually Friday! Woot! Woot!

So, this week I have {gloriously} been on a much needed spring break. I wish I had been more productive this week, but I feel like my body was saying, "Slow down, chica!" It finally had an opportunity to catch up with all the movin' and groovin' that's been going on around here.

Now, on to my five randoms from this week...

I spent some time with Netflix and watched some movies suggested to me. Some, not so loved. I think I liked What Maisie Knew the best, though. The movie is sort of presented from Maisie's perspective, the things she hears and sees between the adults in her life. It sort of made me think of some of my students and the things they must perceive in their home-lives. Not to mention, I was satisfied with the ending. A plus. You should definitely watch this movie, if you get an opportunity.

My grandmother celebrated her 95th birthday! {Gasp!} Right? I can not even imagine 95 years worth of knowledge, memories, and experiences. Holy smokes! Up until last year she was still driving. Sometimes we joke that that woman's going to outlive us all.

I have lazily {and not very productively} worked on making another book study. I {gigantic heart} making book studies. I have also, over the last year, discovered Sara Pennypacker's Clementine books. Clementine is this funny third grader who is hilariously honest. I love reading situations from her perspective. You should also check out the Clementine books, if you haven't already read one.

Otherwise I've been hangin out, doing laundry, cleaning the house, riding my bike, and catching up in blog land.

This morning, I made an on-the-road-treat for us. Now, we are hitting the road! We're going to visit a dear friend, a former college roommate, who lives a couple hours down the highway from us. Enjoy your weekend!

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Saturday, March 15

Any Takers?

I know my absence from the blog world has probably resulted in a loss of readers, but before I put my night-owl self to sleep, I'm offering to give away one or two copies of my newest product I just posted in my TeachersPayTeachers store (because I LOVE to share... most of the time). Leave me your email in the comments if you are interested! I'd LOVE to hear what you think about it.

Oh, by the way, I have been exploding with FREEBIES lately in my store, too, so you should check those out. See if you could use any of them!


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Saturday, March 8

Welcome Back! {5 for Fri.}


All right. I know it's been forever. Almost.

There are probably a million reasons I could give for not having posted anything since November. The bottom line is, whatever the reason from week to week, I just haven't done it. I hope you can forgive me.

To welcome myself back into blogging, I decided to participate in a Saturday version of...

We've been busy over the last weeks and months, that's for sure. More recently, we've...

been working on subtraction with ungrouping, 

finished our winter reading challenge and celebrated meeting our goals with an indoor snowball fight, 

dressed like Whos from Whoville,

and celebrated Dr. Seuss with pretzels, chocolate, and M&Ms.

Next week our tier 1 MTSS (RTI) kids will continue working on extending their math facts and place value knowledge through some neat modules I found on EngageNY, so I created some abacus/rekenreks out of beads, yarn, and foam (because I couldn't find any cardboard around the house).

I'm not going to promise more frequent blogging, but I appreciate you hanging with me, if you still are...

Have a great week! I'll be making my way through parent-teacher conferences this week (which means spring break is very near). Phew!
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