Friday, January 30

This Week, in Second Grade...

Busy week!

100th Day

I decided to make a 100th day shirt this year, a little blue monster with 100 eyeballs. Then I drew 100 tally marks on the back. I meant to have a 100th day snack but forgot them on the kitchen counter. Sad face. It turned out ok, though, because we ate 101st day snacks, instead, during our Reading NWEA test.

Since I teach 2nd grade, we don't do a whole lot with the 100th day. In our writing center, though, we did some "When I'm 100 years old..." writing. I used some recent photos of the kids to age them in the Aging Booth app. They thought that was fun. People have enjoyed looking at their pictures (and probably mine too) and their writing in the hallway.


We've spent an awful lot of time on measuring, it seems. Centimeters, meters, and now inches, feet, yards. Will unit 3 ever end, I wonder sometimes. Our Math block is shorter this year, only about 55 minutes, so every lesson and unit seems to take longer than normal.

Here we are measuring how many feet across our whiteboard. It took the whole class plus a few extra rulers...

NWEA Testing

As part of our evaluation over growth measures this year, we have to NWEA test three times a year instead of two. Hip hip hooray for testing day, cheered no teacher... ever.

101st day cookies and Kansas sunflower cookies make NWEA testing just a little bit more tolerable, though, that's for sure. AND I'm proud of the hard work that my kids put into their tests because, so far, everyone's scores have improved. Persevere is our school's word of the month, and boy, did they persevere this week through those long, awful tests!

Kansas' Birthday

Kansas turned 154 years old this year, in case you were wondering. This year, my class is almost finished making a Kansas State Book to send to our pen pals in Washington to teach them some facts about Kansas. We also had a couple centers dedicated to our great state.

The best part about Kansas' birthday, in second grade, is the big birthday party we throw after school for our students who are able to stay. We sing "Happy Birthday," eat cupcakes, play, and watch an episode of Little House on the Prairie. It's a blast!

It's been a busy week, and I won't deny I'm glad it's over, but it's been great. I hope you've had a great week too. 

Happy Friday!!!
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Friday, January 16


Our superintendent came up with the idea that our inservice today should be a creative time to think outside the box and "work on whatever," an "idea day," as long as it wasn't regular, everyday stuff.

Leading up to this iWOW day, I was dreading having to come up with a project to implement in my classroom. You know, that one more thing mindset. 

My second grade team and I started out planning some upcoming units and ended up working together all day on planning our school's annual Poetry Cafe. We're amping up the Poetry Cafe fun, though, this year by providing the best readers from each classroom an opportunity to participate in a poetry reading at a popular local cafe. Of course, we had to field trip to this cafe for lunch before meeting with the owner!  

Out of our Poetry Cafe planning came a great poetry unit (to fit those wonderful 2nd grade standards) that I'm excited about teaching the two weeks before the annual event. 

It turned out to be a really good day! At times, we laughed until we cried. I wouldn't mind having an iWOW inservice every year!  

How was your Friday?

Friday, January 2

How-To Create a TPT Sales Chart

Mrs. Jones, here!

Earlier this year, I started keeping track of my monthly and quarterly TPT earnings in a table because I was curious of how my second year was doing compared to my first year. I love how it automatically totals my year so far. Today, I created a chart because it's easier to see the visual difference between the years.

I decided I'd create a tutorial for you all, in case you want to do this too but are a little uncertain about how to make it happen.

First, you should pay special attention that I created my tables and charts using Numbers.

Not sure how to access your TPT information? No problem...
Just log in to your TPT account and access your Dashboard.

Continue to change the dates and record the amounts for each month in your document.

Want your document to keep a running total for you as you add information each month? 
No problem...
Just add a column titled "Total," then...

I decided to set up my charts so that as I add information in 2015, the columns will appear.
You can do that too!

I love how it automatically gives each year a different color.

(The super cute cursive font is from KG Fonts and the super cute frame is from Creative Clips.)

Good luck to all you fellow TPT sellers in 2015! 
May your year be blessed in more ways than just financially!
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Thursday, January 1

Currently, New Year's Resolutions

It's the first day of January, so you probably know what that means! 

Pretty self-explanatory.
Sorry, I couldn't think of anything worth sharing for "I wish." 

If you want to participate, hop on over to Farley's blog

I also wanted to participate in Mrs. D's New Year's Resolution party. 

What improvements or goals do you hope to fulfill in 2015?

Happy New Year!
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